X983 Responsive Magento Theme

X983 is a Magento theme with advanced admin module, extremely customizable and fully responsive. It is suitable for every type of store. It is a standalone design package (not a sub-theme of Magento “default” theme) so you can easily create your own sub-themes.

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There are two ways to install a Magento Theme:

Install quickstart with database like our demo

  1. Create new database and import database sample ( ma_x98.sql or ma_x98.sql.gz) in database folder.

    • Open your Browse and type : localhost/phpmyadmin or yourdomain/phpmyadmin

    • Then create database

    • Click database you have just created

  2. Extract and Upload the whole quickstart package (app, js, skin … in ma_x98_quickstart folder ) to your server.

  3. Open browser and navigate to your site (where the quickstart uploaded) to load default Magento installer with the database you just created and import database sample.

    As an example, name of magento is ma_x98_test.

    Click Continue.

  4. We got:

    Click Continue.

  5. We got:

    Click Continue.

    - Database name : database you have just created

    - User name : root

    - User password : no need to fill

  6. We got:

    Click Continue.


    Personal information : First Name, Last Name, Email

    Login Information: Username, Password, Confirm Password

  7. We got:

  8. Finish installer.

  9. You can click Go to frontend to go to Home page.

  10. Disable Cache :

    • Login your magento admin

    • System -> Cache management -> Disabled all cache

      After cache is disabled cache management screen might look like this:

  11. Reindex data

    Go to System -> Index Management. To rebuild your indexes, select all, select Reindex Data and click Submit button.

You must install default magento when install template . See at here

  1. Please unzip package ma_x983_template_1.0.zip and upload the folders ( app, skin, js, media ...) from the theme package to the root directory ( www, public_html) of your magento software using an FTP client.

    ma_x983_template_1.0.zip is in ma_x98_package_1.0

  2. Please go to Magento Admin - > Magentothem - > Install template

  3. If your magento has many store views :

    Choose All Store View -> then click Submit button

    If your magento has one store view : click Submit button

You can see more at here :

When you finish install template in Magento 1.9, Layout of Homepage is similart to our demo. But layout of products page is not similar to . You need to set layout for them.

How to set layout for category page. Please see video below :

When you finish install template in Magento 1.9, Layout of Homepage is similar to our demo. But layout of details page is not similar to . You need to set layout for them by :

  1. Login your magento admin

  2. Please go to Catalog - > Manage Products -> Find name of product -> Click Edit

    1 - Choose Design tab

    2 - At Page Layout : Choose No layout updates

    3 - Click Save when finish

If you want to set layout for this prodcut according to you, at Page Layout : Choose layout for this category

To creat a product, please see at Creating a Product

To creat configurable product, please see at Creating a Configurable Product

To creat attributes, please see at Creating Attributes (custom fields)

To creat a new product , please see at How to create a new product

To set a new product to show in home page, please see at video below :

To creat a featured product, please see at How to Create a featured product

To set a featured product to show in home page, please see video below:

To know more about product, category in magento, see more link

How to set a discount product to show in home page

How to set related product

To creat categories and manage categories, please see at Creating and Managing Categories

To determine ID of category, please see video below:

Names of blocks and extensions in image of home image, category page, details .

Home page


Category page

Details page

- Blue text : name of static block

- Red text : name of extension

To edit static blocks in this template, do like these steps below :

Find name of static block in images ( parts have blue texts) - > Login admin - > CMS -> Static Blocks -> At Title column, choose name of static block -> Click "Show/Hide Editor" to show code HTML of this static block -> Edit -> Click Save Block when finish.

Example :

If you want to change content of part has texts "free shipping on all order over $65.00, support anytime +0123 456 789 ,offer of the day Additional 25% off", you do like below:

Change Footer Copyright

Names of blocks and extensions in image of home image, grid, details above .

To config extensions, please do like :

Find name of extension ( parts have red texts) in images above -> Go to Magentothem -> Find name of extension -> Choose Configuration -> Click Save Config when you finish.

To creat and manage category, you should see at here

To config this extension, please : Login your magento admin -> Magentothem -> Custommenu -> Configuration and configure it according to you.

See more at Custommenu

You should cut background images with size 370 x 547 pixels.


How to add item in banner7

This module show countdown timer at discount products.


Show price countdown for product

See at video below to know more details:

This module shows products of each category in slider in each tab .


How to show products at title Bestselling Products in demo:

How to add Category Tabs Slider extension:

There are 2 ways to add Category Tabs Slider extension:

You can add many Category Tabs Slider extension in your template.

See more configuration at Blog

See more configuration at Testimonial


How to set upsell product

Theme Options shows "New" and "Sale" label for new and discount products.

  1. Login your magento admin

  2. Go to Magentothem ->Theme Options -> Configuration

    If your magento has many store views, choose language (store view) you want to set theme option. Choose Default Config if you use theme option for all store views.

    Config theme option according to you.

  3. Click Save Config to save your changes.

There are 2 ways to translate in Magento :

  1. Translate in admin. See at here to know more information

  2. Translate by editting .csv file . See at here to know more information

Theme Support

If this documentation doesn't answer your questions, support is available on our dedicated support page: Plazathemes Support. Please follow the instructions found there to submit a support ticket. Our response time is within 24 to 72h.

Important: While we aim to provide the best support possible, please keep in mind that it only extends to verified buyers and only to issues related to our theme like bugs and errors. Custom modifications or third party module implementations are not included.